Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Forex trading?Open or Close

    The simple that means of the currencies (Forex, FX) is coincident purchase and sale of currencies or currency of Exchange in the country, one by one from another country. Currencies of the globe doesn't have a fixed rate and are continuously volatile, since each are listed in pairs, as an example EUR/USD, USD/JPY and alternative. Daily offers of 80 p.c by exchanging currencies. throughout the past 3 decades within the foreign exchange market has become the biggest money market within the world, the character over five trillion greenbacks a day, combining quite 3 times the entire quantity of the us US exchange and also the Treasury. Currency market Forex is an element of the Bank, known as the interbank market 24 hours a day.

    Forex trading suggests that commerce foreign exchange is additionally referred to as Forex trading. Forex is that the largest money market within the world. Is he come over $5 trillion every operating day? within the trading of currency and materials 1st within the world.

  • What is a Pip?Open or Close

    Forex PIP is a shortened version of a percentage in point. Forex Pip is that the smallest unit of value negotiated on the market.

    Most currencies area unit changed at four decimal places, a point 0.0001 or 1: ten 000 $. seems like a really little add of cash. however will earn in foreign currency at this level. as a result of you get and sell a lot of points.

    (An exception is four decimal is "Japanese Yen" changed with 2 decimal places)

    PIP spread is extremely vital. as a result of you'll be able to take the danger of immediate loss on the purchase of sure currencies. you must increase the worth of the currency to buy the pip unfold before the threshold of profit, the worth ought to increase once more to form a profit. unfold is simple to form a profit on a follower. however don't forget that the PIP unfold isn't warranted, and also the proliferation of the PIP may modification quickly if the Forex market flostatis.

  • How many pairs do you provide signal?Open or Close

    Hot Forex signal signal availableness of reliable references in the main currency pairs (EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, and USD/CHF). Our main currency pairs carry signals of market. we are able to additionally create relevancy different clients as special provide couples and promotions or recovery of the signal.

  • How many pips profit do you provide in a day?Open or Close

    The amount of pips or profit depends on market movement. sometimes from our expertise we square measure able to offer around 40+ to 250 pips on per business day in four major pairs. generally on sensible days we area unit able to draw over the range.

  • Which payment gateways do you support?Open or Close

    We accept U.S. dollar solely by - PayPal, Neteller, Web-Money, Perfect-Money, Payza, Moneybooker /skrill Master-Card. Some payment we accept manually Example: Neteller, Web-Money, Payza, MasterCard. If you would like any payment getaway please contact U.S. by

  • When do you provide your signal?Open or Close

    We continually try and send at identical time daily and typically two times give signals. we tend to send additionally signals after we decide that the Exchange entry acceptable negotiating positions. The time isn't defined, neither is the market itself. after we attempt to send signals earlier, while there's enough time to give signals start up during the day. Generally, we provide our implementation of signals around 5.30 AM (GMT) to 12.30 PM (GMT) (pairs) on 04:30 UTC - 12:00. we sometimes do our input on UTC 4.30 pm universal time 6.30 And typically we offer signal (GMT) 11.30 PM to 05.00 PM, 05.30 AM to 11.30 PM we are bearing on Asian markets and European courts we tend to continually attempt to send at the same time daily and typically two times give signals, however we can send signals to the USA. during our signals we tend to send updates to our customers. Our dealer has closed an unprofitable position trade or wait to shut our signals.

  • Do you suggest any market Lot?Open or Close

    Normally, we do not recommend many of the market. But sometimes, we recommend our standing waiting for customers.

  • What is TP. SL.?Open or Close

    TP means " Take profit", stop loss, SL. We can modify the truth according to the market.

  • What is Entry signal Exit signal and New Entry?Open or Close

    Our signal is that the signal that is provided is sometimes regarding 05:30-06:30 (GMT). offer U.S. a little at totally different stages of the market. Our consumer will shut their best trade. we'll provide the "new entry" depending on the market movement.

  • Do you Close all your order on the day of trade?Open or Close

    Yes, we are close day to day signal. We may close before or after the provided time depending on market movement.

  • What is Entry signal Exit signal and New Entry?Open or Close

    Our input signal is the signal which is provided is usually about 05:30 - 07:00 (GMT). Give us a little at different stages of the market. Our client can close their best trade. We will offer the "new entry" depending on the market.

  • Why many exits in market Execution?Open or Close

    More exits ar prevenient of various traders. over one exit provides our customers a lot of and higher exit choices. those that wish to be a lot of careful and watch the market, would be able to choose wherever to exit, they'll risk less and profit less. Others preferring to use the set and forget strategy, might risk a lot of and profit a lot of .Multiple exits are helpful if you are doing not have time to stand ahead of your computer and wish to exit earlier, or as positive warnings after you will exit with a lot of profit, or hit TP/SL severally, if you have longer to remain on your computer. every exit signal offers an honest closing position opportunity, which may be the last. particular trading advises of how to best use our services, including use of multiple exits, will be given to you when/if you become our client.

  • Risk Management in Forex Trading?Open or Close

    May present a risk high however also manageable. Merchants in competition around the world against different traders, banks and traders who are looking for the same potential impact of their business activities. Management of money, discipline, talent and passion are the qualities that may got to be developed in foreign exchange transactions. however remember, the capital hedge 'Forex trading', which ought to be risk capital. In fact, there are many ways that to avoid the chance of exchange-high, however the basic tools utilized by most traders stop loss, take profit and orders. victimization these tools, you can reduce your risk while maximising your profit potential.

  • Which payment gateway do you support?Open or Close

    We receive Paypal, Money Booker, Perfect Money, Payza, Neteller, Webmoney. contact with support department.

    Hot forex signal has four packages are available as Standard, Professional, Ultimate and Gold. All packages are subject to change power dicission Hot forex signal.

  • I do not receive signal to my email or sms. What should I do?Open or Close

    (A) when registering, you must make sure that the email address that you entered correctly (can only be sent to addresses verified e-mail. you should receive a confirmation message when you enter the correct email address, you must verify your account by clicking on the link in the confirmation message), if your e-mail address is incorrect Please inform the customer about this issue.
    (B) Check your spam folder. The confirmation message contains a link, so you can filter unsolicited e-mail. If the junk e-mail folder, you must specify this e-mail and change them spam.
    (C) In the case of a SMS, please make sure your especially good Mobile. If you still have problems after reviewing everything, please email

  • Do you recommend any broker house or trading platform?Open or Close

    We don't suggest a House broker. For the best trade, we advocate looking for a broker/trading platform is nice and acceptable. However, we suggest to use our members MT4 (Meta trader 4) trading with our system. however can i get my signal? Send all our references to the mail. you'll be able to get the signal from your mail, otherwise you will take reference on the web site by using your word within the email and log in. it's value noting that we send signals on our web site. Send by mail only.

  • Do you Provide SMS?Open or Close

    Yes, we provide SMS to the mobile phones of the subscribers. SMS are available Professional, Ultimate and Gold Subscribers.

  • How to know more about signal or question?Open or Close

    Please Mail for more information.